Thursday, August 17, 2017

Movie Rights! Who would play my characters, by Diane Scott Lewis

Who would play my characters if the lucky chance came and my book, On a Stormy Primeval Shore, was made into a movie? My aunt says all my books would make wonderful PBS shows, but then she might be slightly prejudiced.

My novel involves an Englishwoman to travels to the remote colony of New Brunswick in 1784 to marry a man her soldier father has chosen. Repulsed by the officer, she refuses to marry him. Then she meets a handsome Acadian trader.

For my cast, I'll start with actors from the TV series Turn, which takes place during the American Revolution, which happened directly before the time-period of my novel.

Australian actor, Daniel Henshall, if he could speak in a French accent, would make  a credible Gilbert.

Or maybe I'd choose the French-Canadian actor, François Arnaud.

Burn Gorman, born in California, but brought up in London, would be perfect as Amelia's English father, Captain Latimer.

Meegan Warner studied acting in Australia, but I could not find her nationality. She would play Englishwoman Amelia.

For Gilbert's mother, the indomitable Marie-Cateline, I must look elsewhere. I had a difficult time homing in on actresses over forty, no big surprise, but I chose this French-Canadian actress, born in Quebec, as Marie-Cateline. They could 'make' her look older with cosmetics. I thought she had the right look: Emmanuelle Chriqui.

I learned later that she's forty-two. Perfect! I'd like to know her skin-care regime

Finally, for the feisty English maid, Louise, I'd pick the teenaged British actress, Georgie Henley (if she'd dye her hair blonde):

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What actor would play my chatacter?

Who would play the characters in The Left-behind Bride?

Katherine Ross and Sam Elliot would be my ideal choices for the two main characters (Maggie and John Murdock) although they are older than the characters. They are married in real life, and I’ve liked them both on the screen over the years. However, I don’t follow movies and who the current actors are, so I’m at a loss to find someone younger in that actor pool.

Erin Agosino

However, if I move to TV shows, I’d head for The Murdock Mysteries, a Canadian production. Maggie’s role could be filled by Erin Agostino who played George Crabtree’s sweetheart (Nina Bloom) for two seasons. She skillfully portrayed a modern woman in a staid and proper time and would bring to the screen the spark I see in Maggie.

Lachlan Murdock

Lachlan Murdock (Higgins), if imbued with characteristics displayed by Crabtree, would be a solid contender for the role of John Murdock McInnis. He has a solid physical presence that I envision for John Murdock, (and as a Cape Bretoner he would be referred to by both his given names). The open mindedness and the humor and creativity of Crabtree are elements I have found in John Murdock and I think that combined with Lachlan Murdock’s presence would work well.

Sean McGinley

Maggie’s father reminds me of Gordon Pinsent in the 1987 film, John and the Missus. Another actor I might go to is in the Republic of Doyle, TV Series. From there, I'd cast Mark O’Brien as Maggie’s brother Ivan, Sean McGinley as her father and Lynda Boyd as her aunt.

And now, dear reader, I must return to the task of completing the book so that these actors will have voice and action if they do come to the screen in my story. Watch for the results (on the page at least) in April of 2018.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Who would play my characters in a movie?

photo © Janice Lang
This month at the Canadian Historical Brides blog, we are faced with the question, Who would play our characters in a movie version of our books? Not to jump the gun, ’cuz Where the Rivers Narrows is barely half-finished. But this is a fun exercise, so here goes.

My first impulse is to say that, if I were lucky enough to have a production company interested in making a film or a mini-series, I would be ecstatic (to say the least) but the last person to have a say in who would be cast. I would, however, supply the producers with a list of ualities—physical and emotional—to assist the casting director in choosing the right actors for the roles. So, if anyone has ideas as to whmo would be a good match for these characters, I’d love to hear your suggestions. I’m totally at a loss :-(

Elisabeth Van Alen (Beth)—A young women, 19-years old, slender but sturdy from hard work. Although she is from a well-to-do family, the Van Alens have fallen on hard times and she’s taken to the running of the house when her mother abdicates her responsibilities. Her dark hair and gray eyes set her apart from other members of the family, who are fair with blue or gray eyes. She will age five years over the course of the story. Beth is not physically beautiful, but has an inner beauty.

Geritt Bosch—From his Mohawk grandmother he’s inherited black hair; from his Dutch grandfather sapphire blue eyes. He’s tall with an athletic build, and is knock-em dead handsome. At the start of the story, he’s 24.

Samuel Van Alen (Sam)—Elisabeth’s 21-year old brother  is fair and of a stout build and prone to being over-weight if he were to let himself go. He’s a charmer with a magnetic smile and a propensity for imbibing secretly of gin.

Esther Freeman (Essie)—Around 38-years old, she’s a long-time family servant and freed slave. Tall and willowy with a regal posture and down-to-earth view on life, she’s loyal to a fault.

Abel Freeman—Essie’s husband. A jack-of-all-trades, and manager of the Van Alen lands and tenants. Of average height, close-cropped graying hair and fine hands.

Cornelis Van Alen—He’s what Sam would become in middle age, of a stout build with some heft around the middle, graying hair and kind blue eyes.

Catherine Van Alen—A withered woman worn down by personal hardship and tragedy, she seeks escape and relief through laudanum. Once beautiful, she’s let herself fall prey to her inner sadness.

Willem Van Alen (Will)—Elisabeth’s twelve-year old tow-headed brother is in many ways a miniature version of his brother Sam. By the end of the book, he will be seventeen.

Sarah Van Alen—Five-year old sister and youngest of the Van Alen children. Fair, blue eyes.

Tobias Freeman—Thirteen-year old son of Essie and Abel, constant companion of Will, with a studious look from the spectacles he wears. Tall and rangy, he resembles his mother.


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Friday, August 11, 2017

Who Would Play My Characters in the Movie by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey
Total Speculation and dreaming--but wouldn't it be wonderful if a production company decided they wanted to make my historical novel, Romancing the Klondike, into a movie. When I thought about who would play my characters I went with all Canadian actors and actresses.
Here is the list:
Ellen Page as Pearl Owens
Rachael McAdams as Emma Owens
Ryan Reynolds as Sam Owens
Ryan Gosling as Donald Miller
Seth Rogen as Gordon Baker
Keanu Reeves as Joe Ladue
Jane Eastwood as Mrs. Wills

I think that the lesser characters should also be Canadian actors and actresses. After all, this is a Canadian story.

What do you think of my selections?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Places Everyone! - by Anita Davison

I have never tried to attribute my invented characters to real people before, which was an interesting exercise. My protagonist in Envy The Wind is young woman, whose rebellious side has been suppressed for most of her life by circumstances. When she finally breaks free, Grace discovers she is not quite so sure of herself in her strange surroundings, and that not everyone who is kind is sincere. Hard lessons for us all to learn in life.

Her romantic interest is a man who, like Grace, had a privileged upbringing, but he too has had to move away from the path prescribed for him into unknown emotional territory. He is attracted to Grace, not just physically, but because she has a vulnerable side which makes him immediately protective. He recognises her need to be content with her own choices before he makes his move, but his natural instinct to make decisions for her get in the way and cause a few misunderstandings.

So attraction, sparks and conflict – which actors could convey all those things on screen? Interesting.

Then there is the supporting cast – a feisty Irish girl who throws caution to the wind and travels thousands of miles for her ideal life, only to find she has to handle disappointment and begin again.

Then there is the villain of the story, a man unused to being thwarted so he plans his revenge. But then villains shouldn’t be all bad, so I had to guard against using a generic stereotype" and thus weakening my story. 

This is what I came up with in order of importance:

Grace - Shailene Woodley – American actress chosen purely on looks as her features possess a pure quality which I imagine would translate well to an Edwardian girl.

Andrew Jardine - Tom Burke - English actor better known to theatre goers though also played Athos in BBC’s The Three Musketeers and Dolokhov in War and Peace. Both this parents are well known actors and his godfather was the late and beloved Alan Rickman, another of my favourites. Tom isn’t your usual slick dreamboat, but he has an animal magnetism about him, his looks enhanced by a very sexy cleft lip, which if I was Grace, would find impossible to resist. 

Charles Keogh - Edward Norton – I first saw him in the film ‘The Illusionist’, or maybe not the first but it's the one which struck me the most. He has a chameleon quality in that he can portray both sympathetic and villainous characters to perfection.

Aoife - Rose Leslie – Scottish actress from Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey with the archetypal Celtic red hair and green eyes, but with a determined strength to her jaw when challenged.

John Cahill - Michael Kitchen - Mature English actor with a quiet, controlled speaking voice and a gentle manner which engenders trust from first meeting. Grace discovers she can rely on him to giver her unbiased advice when she reaches Canada. He's a man who has proved himself in life and has no agenda where Grace is concerned.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Who Would I Pick For A Role In My Movie? by Victoria Chatham


I’ve found this month’s blog something of a challenge. While I love movies and go regularly, I tend to not pay too much attention to the actors. I like to get lost in the story and the visuals so this topic really made me think.

One aspect of trying to cast an actor for a role in Brides of Banff Springs was that I couldn’t see headliners like Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Reynolds, Meghan Fox or Rachel Weitz in the roles of Ryan Blake and Tilly McCormack. Instead, I checked out the actors in my current favorite TV series When Calls the Heart, on CBC, and the Miss Fisher’s Mystery series on Netflix.
Daniel Lissing as Ryan Blake

Erica Carroll as Tilly McCormack
For those of you not familiar with either, the former series is from the book by Janette Oke. Set in Western Canada, circa 1910, it was developed for the Hallmark Channel by Michael Landon Jnr., which seems appropriate given his father's long association with the similar series, Little House on the Prairie.

In When Calls the Heart, Elizabeth Thatcher escapes her high-society Hamilton, Ontario, family to teach school in the remote coal mining town of Hope Valley. Here Elizabeth meets Mountie Jack Thornton played by Australian actor Daniel Lissing. Hmm. Who doesn’t love a Mountie? It’s another actor from this series, Irish-born Canadian Erica Carroll that I’d cast in the role of Tilly McCormack.

Ashleigh Cummings as Fliss

The Miss Fisher series is from the books by Australian author Kerry Greenwood, each of them a cracking good read. Miss Phryne Fisher, played by the excellent Essie Davies as the flamboyant female sleuth, is set in Melbourne, Australia, in the 1920s. It’s Phryne’s maid and co-sleuth, Dorothy, who caught my eye and I could see actress Ashleigh Cummings in the role of Fliss, Tilly’s friend at the Banff Springs Hotel.

For the imaginary movie of Brides of Banff Springs the hotel, of course, would play itself.

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