Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Big Book Giveaway in Honour of Canadian Historical Brides

I’m very excited to blog about the Canadian Historical Bride series published by BWL Publishing. These are books created especially to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation. My novel, Fields of Gold Beneath Prairie Skies is coming out on Sept. 19th. Can’t wait. So to promote the Canadian Historical Bride series, I’ve asked the various authors to give one of their other novels for free! And to start out, here’s mine:

Today, I’m interviewing Victoria Chatham, author of Brides of Banff Springs, book 1 of the CHB series.

So tell us about your Canadian Historical Bride novel. I loved the paranormal element in it. Who knew that the Banff Springs Hotel was haunted?

The story of the Ghost Bride has been around since the late 1920s. According to the story, while she descended a winding staircase at the hotel, her heel caught the hem of her wedding gown and she fell. Other reports state the skirt of her gown brushed against a candle flame, causing her to fall. The sad fact is that, whatever the cause, the bride did not survive her fall. Guests and hotel staff have reported seeing a veiled figure on those stairs or a figure in a wedding gown dancing in the ballroom, so the story has had a lot of publicity.

Ohhhh, I love it – a good ghost story! What made you decide to write about Banff besides the awe-inspiring beauty and the ghost?

I’m a very visual person and the photographs I’d seen of Banff as it was prior to the hotel being built to the town, and as it is today, intrigued me. When I started researching my story I found there was so much more to Banff than I had realized, much of it because of its connection with the Canadian Pacific Railway. It really wasn’t difficult to go and do on-site research as Banff is only roughly an hour’s drive from where I live. Here’s the blurb:

In the Dirty Thirties jobs were hard to come by. Having lost her father and her home in southern Alberta, Tilly McCormack is thrilled when her application for a position as a chambermaid at the prestigious Banff Springs Hotel, one of Canada’s great railway hotels, is accepted. 

Tilly loves her new life in the Rocky Mountain town and the people she meets there. Local trail guide Ryan Blake, is taken with Tilly’s sparkling blue eyes and mischievous sense of humor, and thinks she is just the girl for him. Ryan’s work with a guiding and outfitting company keeps him busy but he makes time for Tilly at every opportunity and he’s already decided to make her his bride. 

On the night he plans to propose to Tilly another bride-to-be, whose wedding is being held at the Hotel, disappears. Tilly has an idea where she might have gone and together with Ryan sets out to search for her. 

Will they find the missing bride and will Tilly accept Ryan’s proposal?

I so enjoyed reading this. I may just have to read it again. So what’s the link to buy it?

Just click on the book cover and it will show all available markets.

And what’s the book you’re giving for free?

His Dark Enchantress. It’s a Regency romance and the first in my Berkeley Square series. You download it here:

Great! Thanks! I’m off to download it.


  1. I enjoyed this book. I would love to visit the area after reading this historical romance.
    JQ Rose

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