Books We Love

Books We Love is proudly Canadian with a dash of international flavor thanks to our many talented authors and support staff.

Books We Love started in 1998 as an author promotion group dedicated to helping authors published by small press publishers obtain exposure for their books.  Through the years a core group of fifty or so authors, with dozens of years of experience publishing genre fiction through small presses (and in several cases with large houses) became the foundation for the publishing business that Jude Pittman would incorporate in 2012 and with the support of retired lawyer, Brian Roberts, take their small publishing house to the next level.  As a mid-sized publisher and member of the Association of Canadian Publishers, Books We Love is and a fully independent royalty paying publisher of high quality genre fiction written by authors who know how to catch a reader’s attention and satisfy their expectations.  Publishing in both Digital and Print formats, Books We Love now has 90 full-time authors all of whom are talented, experienced and thrilling storytellers.  Reader satisfaction is the key to our success.  Our Mission is to provide our readers with: “Books We Love to Write for Readers Who Love to Read.”

The Canadian Historical Brides series is the brain-child of Co-Owner, Publisher, and Marketing Supervisor Jude Pittman.

You can find out more about the many staff members, and wonderful authors, of BWL on our main website.

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