Friday, August 25, 2017

What Actors I Would Choose to Portray the Characters in Barkerville Beginnings by A.M.Westerling

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I’ve seen this question asked of authors on other blogs and I’ve been dreading the day I would have to answer it! I’m not really much of a movie buff but I’ll give it my best shot:


(Left) Here's a picture of Rose as I imagined her on the character sketch I did for her. (Right) I think Cameron Diaz might be a good choice for Rose, she's funny, smart and short and actually looks a lot like Rose's picture.



To the left is Harrison from the character sketch I did for him. Doesn’t he look a bit like Robert Downey Jr.? (Right) I really enjoyed him in the Sherlock Holmes movies and I love how he conveys a subtle hint of humour.

Gracie, or Grace Anne, Rose’s feisty friend and champion in Barkerville could be played by a salt and pepper Sandra Bullock. 

 A bearded James Norton would be my choice to play Robert, Harrison’s friend and partner in the gold mining venture. I’ve been watching Grantchester and I think he’s a superb actor. Plus he has red hair. *wink*

Finally, I think Jude Law would be a good choice for Edmund, the villain in this story and Hannah’s father. In this picture looks suitably grim and threatening.

I know I’m neglecting Hannah. I honestly don’t have a clue but I am open to suggestions!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Casting Call for 1st Nations actors/actresses

It used to bother me--even when I was a small blonde child in a cowboy outfit--that the parts of Indians in the movies I saw weren't acted by native people. Jay Silverheels was an anomaly, kind of a big deal during my childhood. My dad told me, "He's really one." Still, it didn't escape me that he had to play a character whose name, in Spanish, means "Stupid." That's just not right, neither then or now. 

For this blog, I decided to post lots of pictures of 1st Nations actors, because I think these faces should be better known. Most of these performers I found on a list of "Hot 1st Nations Actors" --and so they are. There is one exception-- the magically expressive face of Tantoo Cardinal is widely recognized. I added her to my selection not only because I love her work, but because she'd made the perfect Elder/Shamen if my story ever received a movie adaptation. 

Tantoo Cardinal
   (Grandmother Drybones)

                                                       Eugene Brave Rock


The powerful face of Duane Howard from The Revenant.
Either of these might play Sascho's Uncle John, his teacher


Predictably, things haven't changed all that much for these actors over the last fifty years. 1st Nations People recently walked off the set of a Netflix movie during production. They'd had it with this particular film and with the over-the-top stereotypical stereotyping (yes, I meant that) even if the movie in question was intended to be an "equal opportunity offender." It was a line in the sand time for these actors, leaving me wondering when we're all going to grow up sufficiently to stop thinking making fun of ethnicity or race is acceptable.

Forest Goodluck
(Hawk/The Revenant) 

I know very little about 1st Nations actors and actresses, mostly because there aren't a lot of jobs for them in their chosen field. As I don't live in a city where indie or small budget movies can be often seen, it's difficult to view their performances. I have no doubt that the 1st Nations is a deep pool of talent. After all, people all over the world have stories they've been telling to one another for thousands of years, so art is no stranger to anyone. I'd enjoy seeing 1st Nations performers at work more often, and I'd like to see them playing meaty, genuine roles. (The modeling industry appears to be one place where their style and looks find a welcome.) 

Tanaya Beatty, Shannon Baker, Amber Midthunder, Roseanne Supernault and Eric Senseimer are below--left to right.

I mean, wow. Amazing faces representing many 1st Nations!

Most of these actors and actresses could not be cast as leads of Fly Away Snowgoose, because the characters are young teens: Yaotl Snowgoose and her sweetheart, Sascho Lynx. Perhaps:

                                                       Tristen Marty-Pahtaykan

                                                             Sascho Lynx

  Or, what about a younger version of Devery Jacobs (above) or Melow Nakehk'o (below)                      as Yaotl Snowgoose? Anything's possible, while we're imagining.

The two vulnerable preteens who end up attempting the journey home, Kele and Tanis Stonypoint, are even younger.

Sladen Peltier
(Kele's initial self-assurance)

Those parts should be filled by brand new, just-discovered young 1st Nations actors. How exciting it would be to see such a casting call, and to observe all the talented, charismatic kids who would audition.

~~Juliet Waldron
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Who would play our characters in a movie by Katherine Pym & Jude Pittman

I’d rather Pillars of Avalon be a miniseries, shown in Canada, England & the USA. It will get a larger viewing audience, since these days, it seems fewer people go to the movies.

With that in mind, Jude and I had a lot of fun coming up with the following to play the character parts. Here is the cast:

Sir David Kirke
Lady Sara Kirke
Frances Kirke, Sara’s sister
William Hopkins, Frances’ husband
King Charles I
William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury
Samuel de Champlain

Russell Crowe as Sir David Kirke
Sir David Kirke. I wracked my brain on this one and Jude came up with Russell Crowe. While I’ve never joined his fan club, I do consider him a marvelous actor. He could play the part of David from his younger years in 1628—slathered with makeup—to his death—not so slathered—in 1654. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Lady Sara Kirke
 Lady Sara Kirke. Another near fatal wrack of brains but Jude thought Catherine Zeta-Jones was a good pick. She always comes across as a strong character and Sara Kirke was a strong woman. We’d probably have to have someone else in Sara’s early years, since Catherine is climbing up in age and when Pillars begins, Sara is 18. 

Oliver Chris as King Charles I
Jude Law as King Charles I

King Charles I. After much discussion between Oliver Chris or Jude Law, we decided on Jude Law as a good choice. He doesn’t look much like Charles, but they do wonders with makeup these days. Jude also has the acting skill to make a truly despicable King Charles, who was the bane to poor David for many years. I don't think I've seen Oliver Chris in anything, but Jude has, and said he can belly up to the mark, make a wonderful king.

Sir Derek Jacobi as William Laud
William Laud. A lot of historians and people of the time hated this guy. He was eventually assassinated but David Kirke admired Laud, and from Newfoundland had struck up a bounteous correspondence with him. He was an older man when we meet him, so I considered Sir Derek Jacobi would make a wonderful Laud.

Joan Fontaine as Frances Kirke
Frances Kirke, later Lady Frances Hopkins. I thought Joan Fontaine would do well here since Frances is not as dominant as Sara, the younger sister, but she had character and was loyal.

Anthony Hopkins as William Hopkins (Ha! Same last name)
William Hopkins. He was a school teacher and cerebral, thrust into Parliament then eventually became a Colonel in the Royal army. The historical texts never said why he left the army, but I had him wounded. He and his family lived in Newport, Isle of Wight until it became too dangerous after his support of King Charles I. The records don’t show him alighting in Newfoundland, so .... well, you’ll have to read the story to find out what happened. In the meantime, I thought a younger Anthony Hopkins would do. He’s a wonderful actor. 

Dougray Scott as Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain. Even though Dougray Scott is not French, and though he’s looking a bit crusty in his older age, he would fit the bill of Champlain who struggled to stay alive during the harsh winters and wet summers of early Quebec. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Movie Rights! Who would play my characters, by Diane Scott Lewis

Who would play my characters if the lucky chance came and my book, On a Stormy Primeval Shore, was made into a movie? My aunt says all my books would make wonderful PBS shows, but then she might be slightly prejudiced.

My novel involves an Englishwoman to travels to the remote colony of New Brunswick in 1784 to marry a man her soldier father has chosen. Repulsed by the officer, she refuses to marry him. Then she meets a handsome Acadian trader.

For my cast, I'll start with actors from the TV series Turn, which takes place during the American Revolution, which happened directly before the time-period of my novel.

Australian actor, Daniel Henshall, if he could speak in a French accent, would make  a credible Gilbert.

Or maybe I'd choose the French-Canadian actor, François Arnaud.

Burn Gorman, born in California, but brought up in London, would be perfect as Amelia's English father, Captain Latimer.

Meegan Warner studied acting in Australia, but I could not find her nationality. She would play Englishwoman Amelia.

For Gilbert's mother, the indomitable Marie-Cateline, I must look elsewhere. I had a difficult time homing in on actresses over forty, no big surprise, but I chose this French-Canadian actress, born in Quebec, as Marie-Cateline. They could 'make' her look older with cosmetics. I thought she had the right look: Emmanuelle Chriqui.

I learned later that she's forty-two. Perfect! I'd like to know her skin-care regime

Finally, for the feisty English maid, Louise, I'd pick the teenaged British actress, Georgie Henley (if she'd dye her hair blonde):

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What actor would play my chatacter?

Who would play the characters in The Left-behind Bride?

Katherine Ross and Sam Elliot would be my ideal choices for the two main characters (Maggie and John Murdock) although they are older than the characters. They are married in real life, and I’ve liked them both on the screen over the years. However, I don’t follow movies and who the current actors are, so I’m at a loss to find someone younger in that actor pool.

Erin Agosino

However, if I move to TV shows, I’d head for The Murdock Mysteries, a Canadian production. Maggie’s role could be filled by Erin Agostino who played George Crabtree’s sweetheart (Nina Bloom) for two seasons. She skillfully portrayed a modern woman in a staid and proper time and would bring to the screen the spark I see in Maggie.

Lachlan Murdock

Lachlan Murdock (Higgins), if imbued with characteristics displayed by Crabtree, would be a solid contender for the role of John Murdock McInnis. He has a solid physical presence that I envision for John Murdock, (and as a Cape Bretoner he would be referred to by both his given names). The open mindedness and the humor and creativity of Crabtree are elements I have found in John Murdock and I think that combined with Lachlan Murdock’s presence would work well.

Sean McGinley

Maggie’s father reminds me of Gordon Pinsent in the 1987 film, John and the Missus. Another actor I might go to is in the Republic of Doyle, TV Series. From there, I'd cast Mark O’Brien as Maggie’s brother Ivan, Sean McGinley as her father and Lynda Boyd as her aunt.

And now, dear reader, I must return to the task of completing the book so that these actors will have voice and action if they do come to the screen in my story. Watch for the results (on the page at least) in April of 2018.