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NANCY M BELL - Ontario, New Brunswick

Nancy Marie Bell is a proud Albertan and lives near Balzac, Alberta with her husband and various critters. She is a member of The Writers Union of Canada and the Writers Guild of Alberta. Nancy has numerous writing credits to her name, having three novels published and her work has been published in various magazines. She has also had her work recognized and honoured with various awards, and most recently, a silver medal in the Creative Writing category of the Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games in 2013. Nancy has presented at the Surrey International Writers Conference in 2012 and 2013, and at the Writers Guild of Alberta Conference in 2014. She has publishing credits in poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

VICTORIA CHATHAM - Alberta, Prince Edward Island

Being born in Bristol, England, Victoria Chatham grew up in an area rife with the elegance of Regency architecture. This, along with the novels of Georgette Heyer, engendered in her an abiding interest in the period with its style and manners and is one where she feels most at home.

Apart from her writing, Victoria is an avid reader of anything that catches her interest, but especially Regency romance. She also teaches introductory creative writing. Her love of horses gets her away from her computer to volunteer at Spruce Meadows, a world class equestrian centre near Calgary, Alberta, where she currently lives.


Ron was born in Brighton, England and has worked in the U.K. and Canada for over thirty years as a police officer. He has extensive international travel experience while working with the British Merchant Navy as a navigator, where he travelled extensively in the Middle East and throughout Europe.

He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying wilderness camping throughout the year. With a love of nature, he also paints with watercolors.

Ron has always had a passion for writing which started in his early years. He enjoys writing in various genres, both adult and children's fiction. He continues to write from his home in Ontario, Canada.

ANITA DAVIDSON - Prince Edward Island

Born in London, Anita Davison, writing as Anita Seymour, connected with the history of that city at a young age. When the rest of the school trip were throwing the contents of their lunch boxes at each other, Anita imagined men in high white wigs, flared long coats and heeled shoes coming out of coffee houses, climbing into sedan chairs on the cobbles in Paternoster Row, where Christopher Wren was lowered down the outside of St Paul's Cathedral in a basket. 

A portrait of James Scott, Duke of Monmouth at the National Portrait Gallery inspired her first novel based on his ill-fated rebellion against King James II in 1685 and became ‘The Rebel’s Daughter.’


Award winning author, Suzanne de Montigny, wrote her first novella when she was twelve. Years later, she discovered it in an old box in the basement, thus reigniting her love affair with writing. A teacher for twenty years, she enjoys creating fantasy and paranormal for tweens and teens. She lives in Burnaby, B.C., Canada with the four loves of her life – her husband, two boys, and Buddy the dog.


Joan Donaldson-Yarmey likes to travel and began her career with seven travel books, the research for which took her throughout Alberta, B.C., the Yukon, and Alaska. She switched to fiction and has written nine books: three mystery novels, Illegally Dead, The Only Shadow In The House, and Whistler's Murder in a boxed set called the Travelling Detective Series; Gold Fever her stand alone novel which combines mystery with a little romance; West to the Bay and West to Grande Portage, the first two novels in her Canadian Historical series for young adults; Crazy Cat Kid, a contemporary story for young adults; and The Criminal Streak and Betrayed the two sci-fi books in her Cry of the Guilty-Silence of the Innocent series.

Joan lives on a small acreage with her husband in the Alberni Valley on Vancouver Island. When she is not writing she is picking fruit or playing with her three cats.


As a child Kathy wanted to be a writer when she grew up. She also wanted to act. After receiving an MFA in Acting and playing the part of starving young artist in New York, she taught theater classes at a small college in the Mid-West before returning home to the East Coast, where over the years, she and her husband raised two kids and an assortment of dogs. During stints in advertising, children’s media publishing, and education reform in the former Soviet Union, she wrote whenever she could. Her love of early American history has its roots in family vacations up and down the East Coast visiting old forts and battlefields and places such as Williamsburg, Mystic Sea Port, and Sturbridge Village. At the same time, she daydreamed in history classes, imagining the everyday people behind all the dates and conflicts and how they lived.

Claiming her best ideas are born of dreams, Kathy has written a number of stories over the years.



Diane Parkinson (Diane Scott Lewis) grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, joined the Navy at nineteen, married and raised two sons in Puerto Rico, Guam and California. She writes book reviews for the Historical Novels Review and worked at The Wild Rose Press from 2007 to 2010 as a historical editor. She had three historical novels published by Eternal Press : Elysium and The False Light. Her sequel to The False Light, Without Refuge, was released in March 2012. Her debut novel, The False Light, was re-released by Books We Love, re-titled Betrayed Countess, in 2013. Her current release is a romantic satire, The Defiant Lady Pencavel and a historical adventure, Ring of Stone. Her first paranormal, A Savage Exile, was released in 2014. She released her first historical mystery, The Apothecary's Widow, in 2015. Diane lives with her husband and dachshund in western Pennsylvania.

JUDE PITTMAN - Newfoundland, Saskatchewan

Canadian romantic suspense and mystery author Jude Pittman is one half of the corporate team behind Books We Love Ltd. As the publisher for Books We Love, Jude spends part of her time publishing new books on Books We Love Ltd. Check out the new releases page for all the great fiction available from Books We Love authors. the rest of Jude's "work" time is spent writing the mystery and romantic suspense stories she loves. Jude is currently at work on New Directions, a new romantic suspense series, McWinter Confidential, Book 1, co-written with author Jamie Hill.

Jude's other writing project, Sisters of Prophecy, Irene, is scheduled for later in 2016, depending on the writing fates. Sisters of Prophecy, Ursula is available now at online and print bookstores in the United States and Canada.

KATHERINE PYM - Newfoundland

Katherine Pym loves history, especially the 17th century, which is considered the long century, dating from the death of Queen Elizabeth I to the end of the Stuarts in 1714. This era is filled with an amazing array of action that is great fodder for stories; betrayal, a king’s execution, civil wars, religious uprisings & manhunts, torture, piracy. Adventurers strike out and establish spicery ports of calls, colonies in Asia and the Americas.

Katherine, her husband and their puppy-dog divide their time between Seattle, WA and Austin, TX.

The following works are available on all amazon markets:
London 1660: Viola, A Woeful Tale of Marriage
London 1661 Twins - a 2012 EPIC finalist:
London 1662: Of Carrion Feathers
London 1663: The Barbers
London 1664: Jasper’s Lament
London 1665: Erasmus T. Muddiman

And finally, the French Revolution one: The First Apostle


JULIET WALDRON - Northwest Territories and Inuvik

Juliet Waldron has lived in many US states, in the UK and the West Indies. She earned a B. A. in English, but has worked at jobs ranging from artist’s model to brokerage. Thirty years ago, after her sons left home, she dropped out of 9-5 and began to write, hoping to create a genuine time travel experience for her readers. She’s a grandmother, a cat lady, and a dedicated reader of history and herstory. She enjoys music, from classical to all modern forms. Juliet spends a lot of her time visiting other centuries, but she’s also quite certain she doesn’t want to live in any of them. On warm afternoons she and her husband of fifty years explore the winding back roads of PA on his Hayabusa.

A M WESTERLING - British Columbia

From vikings to viscounts, join the adventure, live the romance.

Living by the motto "You don't know unless you try", A.M. Westerling started writing historical romance because she couldn't find the kinds of stories she enjoyed. After all, she thought, who doesn’t enjoy a tasty helping of dashing heroes and spunky heroines, seasoned with a liberal sprinkle of passion and adventure? 

Westerling, a former engineer, is a member of the Romance Writers of America and active in her local chapter. As well as writing, she enjoys cooking, gardening, camping, yoga, and watching pro sports.

JOHN WISDOMKEEPER - Northwest Territories and Inuvik

I was taken from my Native mother at birth and adopted by a white family. I wasn't told about my ancestry until I was in my teens and was able to see a copy of my birth and adoption papers. It was then that I learned my birth mother was Native and French and my unknown father was listed as North American Native. I also learned that my birth mother was from the north country of British Columbia, descended from the Sekani Nation (which means 'mountain people'.) The Sekani are medicine healers.

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