British Columbia

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Barkerville Beginnings
A.M. Westerling

Faced with financial ruin and the loss of her good name, Rose Chadwick decides to make a new start for herself and her young daughter Hannah in the rough and tumble gold rush town of Barkerville, British Columbia. However, making a new life is not so easy when it’s built on lies. And, long suppressed emotions within her are stirred when she meets a handsome young Englishman.

Viscount Harrison St. John knows he’s expected to marry well to bolster his family fortunes. Instead, he leaves England to pursue riches in the gold fields of a frontier town in the far off wilds of Canada. Soured on love because of a betrayal by his former fiancé, Harrison resists the attraction he has for Rose. Particularly considering she appears to be a happily married woman with a daughter of her own.

Will dark secrets from Rose’s past keep them apart? Or will they find love, happiness and a new life together in the bustling town of Barkerville?

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  1. I'm thrilled to be included in this exciting series! I'm hard at work on Barkerville Beginnings, the story of Viscount Harrison St. John, an Englishman who comes to Barkerville to find the fortune that will save his family from financial ruin, and Rose Chadwick, a single mother with a devastating secret who uses the Cariboo Gold Rush as a chance to escape her past. The main characters and story are fictional but I do reference real people and real locations and my aim is to transport my readers back to the gold rush town of 1867.