Northwest Territories and Nunavut

The Story ...

Nits’it’ah Golika Xah)
Juliet Waldron and John Wisdomkeeper

Yaotl and Kele splashed along the shores of behchà, spears hefted, watching for the flash of fin to rise to the surface and sparkle in the sunlight. Tender feelings, barely discovered, flushed their faces. Waving their spears they laughed and teased one another with sprays of newly melted ice water.

In the distance, the warning about the kwet'ı̨ı̨̀ (white Indian agents) sounds, but on this fatal day it goes unheard; Yaotl and Kele fall into the hands of the Indian Agents. Transport to the Aklavik residential school is only the beginning of their ordeal, for the teachers believe it is their sworn duty “to kill the Indian inside.”

All attempts at escape are severely punished, but Yaotl and Kele, along with two others, will try, beginning a journey of 900 Kilometers along the Mackenzie River.  Like wild geese, brave hearts together, they are homeward bound.

The Local ...

About the Northwest Territories ...

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