Sunday, March 25, 2018

My Writing Companions by A.M.Westerling

I don’t have any live, furry writing companions although sometimes I think I’d like to have a cat to curl up on my lap, or a dog to lay by my feet. We’ve had cats in the past but our son developed asthma so we had to give away our last cat. Then it seemed as if our life style didn’t really include pets so we never got another one. Maybe one day in the future when we’re not traveling as much. In the meantime, I visit my grand dogs Tilly (left) and Arlow if I need a puppy fix. 

I do have a menagerie of stuffed animals that cheer me on. Haha, I know, that's rather lame but most of them are gifts from my family and the little black bear is a lovely reminder from a vacation in the Napa Valley. The hotel had placed it on the bed and of course I had to buy it. 


I have a reading gargoyle, also a gift and you'll actually find him in various pictures on my website. He's my mascot. 

Finally, I have a little Zen garden, given to me by my very dear friend and fellow BWL Publishing author Victoria Chatham. Victoria wrote Brides of Banff Springs, Book 1 of the Canadian Historical Brides Collection.


  1. Like your reading gargoyle and the zen garden!

  2. I couldn't do without my fur baby. Sigh. ps: I love the stuffed animals. You are never too old for them.