Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rialto Beach by Katherine Pym



 One of the most astonishing vacations I’ve been on is the Washington Peninsula. A large expanse, it encompasses an area with a mountain range, rain forests, lakes and landmarks along the Pacific.

Dead trees on edge of rain forest leading to Rialto Beach
At Rialto Beach not far from LaPush is dramatic and beautiful, but something happened there. A whole line of trees are white, dead, as if swamped by ocean water.

Washington coast on a sunny day

Rialto beach area on a Cloudy Day, which is most days.

Rialto Beach
Whatever happened to the trees had to have been fairly recent, for they still stand like lone sentinels guarding the land.

The beach is filled with pebbles to rounded rocks, and very difficult to walk on for any length of time. Rock hunters comb the sand for orbicular jasper and agates.


Driftwood on the beaches of Washington
Huge driftwood litters the beach, which you can climb onto and sunbathe rather than the pebbled beach. Islands dot the shallows. It is really magnificent. 

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Many thanks to my memories, pictures, & Wikicommons, Public Domain