Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Reviews for His Brother's Bride

By Patsy on Kobo: 5 Stars
"War is terrible, no matter when or where it takes place. This book takes us through the last phase of the 1914-18 world war. Annie works hard on her parent’s farm near the Bonnechere River in Ontario, doing her fair share, and more, of the daily chores alongside her siblings. Her father is a puritanical man who is strict almost to the point of being cruel at times and Annie’s mother can’t accept that she is a simple farmer’s wife A friendship develops between young Annie and George, a Barnado’s orphan. Along with his only brother, Peter, he was sent to work on a neighborhood farm. To Annie’s parent’s displeasure a friendship develops between the young Annie and George and before he goes off to the battlefront, that friendship develops into love. Inevitably Annie promises to wait for him. But as happens in wartime, dreams are shattered. George exerts a promise from Annie that should he not return she take care of his brother Peter. A promise Annie must keep"

By Amazon Customer on Amazon" 5 Stars
"Today I sat down and read His Brother's Bride, set in Ontario, the second offering in the Canadian Historical Brides series. The life young Annie Baldwin leads is fraught with the social niceties insisted upon by her mother and absolute obedience to her Bible-thumping father. But life is about to change for everyone with the outbreak of World War I. Young men are enlisting and, with both her brothers having signed up, more farm work is in Annie's future. But so is George Richardson, a Dr. Bernardo's orphan boy. Annie has practically grown up with George and his brother, Peter, both homed with different sets of neighbors. War damages them all in one way or another, but love grows regardless. The routines of farm life, the changing of the seasons, and relationships, are thoughtfully presented by Nancy M. Bell's deft hand. A most enjoyable read which I highly recommend."

By Curious Reader on Amazon: 5 Stars
"His Brother's Bride takes place in rural Ontario, Canada, during World War I. The novel vividly depicts life on the home front and the horrors of that war, including shell shock. I'm also sure the author has experience with farm life because her details easily recalled my past visits to farming relatives. A character using the phrase 'land' reminded me of my grandmother. But even without the war, the past wasn't happily nostalgic. Annie, the novel's rebellious heroine, befriends two orphaned brothers brought over from England to work as indentured servants. The class division was real. So were the narrow social views that Annie struggles against. Her prim relatives forbid her growing romance with one of the brothers. But which brother? That question raises the suspense as the story goes along and makes it a romance story that isn't quite conventional.  This is the second book I've read in this Canadian Historical Brides Series. It makes me eager to read the rest."

By UnicornGirl on Amazon 5 Stars
"I was completely riveted to this book, reading it late at night, in the middle of the night, and any chance I got. Nancy Bell does a splendid job of staying true to the era in this well-researched historical romance, yet keeps the momentum going right to the end. Particularly memorable was her depiction of the shell shock that tormented the soldiers who returned home, as well as the injuries they acquired. I've read a few of Ms. Bell's novels, but this is by far the best. Thank you, Nancy Bell."

By SIL on Amazon: 5 Stars
"Staged in the Canadian countryside during WW1, Annie grew up as a farm girl, the daughter of a minister/doctor. She becomes attracted to a farm worker whom her mother figures is below the family's status. The story is tightly written and filled with tension and drama. The scene and chapter transitions flow smoothly and will keep you turning the pages. The author also does a wonderful job with descriptions. I could easily envision the vivid details, thanks to the author's well-crafted use of show don't tell. An entertaining story! I recommend it to readers that love history intertwined with romance."

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