Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Day in the Glamorous Life of a Writer by Diane Scott Lewis


Due out in 2018

Here's my typical day. I wake up around seven in the morning, crawl out, stretch and grumble, then hurry to my computer while my personal Barista (a.k.a. my husband) brings me my first cup of coffee. Nirvana!

I go through my millions of emails, most trying to sell me something because I might have purchased an item in the slight ballpark of this item. Especially, it’s books that are pushed in my direction, usually from famous authors already making too much money, so they don't need my help.


I critique in my stellar critique groups, (and I appreciate them dearly) and add their critiques to my current WIP. Many give me contradictory suggestions, leaving me so confused—I need another cup of coffee.

 My husband pokes in his head and discusses whether I’m ever going to get out of my pajamas.

 I write on, rush through breakfast, just a protein bar sometimes, since I’m deep in New Brunswick history and don’t wish to leave. I also need to exercise before eating anything, but that’s another story.

 Heading to the kitchen for coffee number three (how dare my Barista have a life of his own) I disparage the dust on my furniture and wish I could afford a maid. When will they invent a self-cleaning house?

The dog stares up at me with pleading eyes, and I call to someone-anyone-to take him out.

Back at my computer I surf the web for info on the many cultures that make up New Brunswick. How do I pack these details in without overwhelming the reader? I love my research!

I email with friends, (some I've actually met face-to-face) fellow writers, discussing POV, history, the state of the world. On Facebook I write about how cute my granddaughters are.

It’s afternoon by now and I should eat lunch…and get dressed. On a good day, I manage to do both.

I also write blogs. While trying to add graphics to this one, my computer tells me I don't have the authority to copy the graphics, and to ask the administrator. Clue to computer, I AM the administrator. And I've done this many times before. I Google how to fix the problem; sounds way too complicated and something mechanical might blow up. I'll call the Geeks in the morning. If you see no other graphics: computer won, Diane still scratching her head.
Update: Geeks can't remotely fix the problem. I have to drop my computer off at the far faraway store where they will hoard it for days. How will I survive?
The later afternoons are reserved for reading, either research or books for review. Okay, I admit to watching my DVR’d episodes of Law and Order SVU, or anything on PBS.

 If no one is around, I really have to let out the dog.

 Now, mind you, this is a perfect day. On non-perfect days I have to go to doctors’ appointments, renew my driver’s license, pick up drugs at CVS, take the beleaguered dog to the vet, and so on.

 Oh, yes, and give my wonderful husband attention. I’ll make sure he reads this.

I find out from the Geeks that I have to download a new graphics program, mine is too ancient. We'll see if that works on future blogs.

 My chef (who also looks suspiciously like my Husband) serves dinner. He's retired and loves to cook.
As night closes in, with a glass of wine, or two, on my dust-covered side table, I think of all the things I need to add to my story the next morning. I'll never get to sleep. The writer’s mind never rests.

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  1. Fun post, Diane. I had a good chuckle, especially sin our days are similar.

  2. I suspect a pattern here - and I think Kathy is about to complete it. What would we do without husbands who can cook? Cute dog, Diane is he yours? I want one!!!!

  3. Mine looked like that when he was a puppy...the dog not husband!

  4. Aren't husbands grand? Your days are remarkably like mine. Writing this as I sit here in my pajamas. :)