Monday, May 1, 2017

A Day in My Life...Are you sure you want to know? by Nancy M Bell

His Brother's Bride released March 1, 2017 For more info on this title click here.

What some readers are saying:

I was completely riveted to this book, reading it late at night, in the middle of the night, and any chance I got. Nancy Bell does a splendid job of staying true to the era in this well-researched historical romance, yet keeps the momentum going right to the end. Particularly memorable was her depiction of the shell shock that tormented the soldiers who returned home, as well as the injuries they acquired. I've read a few of Ms. Bell's novels, but this is by far the best. Unicorngirl

Today I sat down and read His Brother's Bride, set in Ontario, the second offering in the Canadian Historical Brides series. The life young Annie Baldwin leads is fraught with the social niceties insisted upon by her mother and absolute obedience to her Bible-thumping father. But life is about to change for everyone with the outbreak of World War I. Young men are enlisting and, with both her brothers having signed up, more farm work is in Annie's future. But so is George Richardson, a Dr. Bernardo's orphan boy. Annie has practically grown up with George and his brother, Peter, both homed with different sets of neighbors. War damages them all in one way or another, but love grows regardless. The routines of farm life, the changing of the seasons, and relationships, are thoughtfully presented by Nancy M. Bell's deft hand. A most enjoyable read which I highly recommend. Amazon Reader

Okay, now down to brass tacks...

A day in my life, well here goes...

Day starts early, in winter long before the sun puts in a tardy appearance. If it's a Monday, Wednesday or Friday I'm off to the animal shelter for a cat caregiver shift. But first, my two dogs Miley and Gibbie need to be fed and walked, my cats need feeding including the two barn cats. Then a head count to be sure there are still two horses in the field and they are both upright and intact. If it has been snowing add 5 minutes to clear off the car. Then down the Deerfoot into Calgary to Safe Haven, the home of Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. I have volunteered with them for 3 years now and love it. I also take in foster dogs and cats, so if they are in residence they are added to the morning chores. Often it will be a cat ready to give birth, or a cat with kittens which is always a wonderful least until the kittens are 7 or 8 weeks old and rampaging around the house. Then after the shelter shift it's back home, walk the dogs, check the water trough and hay feeder and any little outside things that need doing. In the summer a fair amount of time is spent in the garden, in the winter,not so much.
The afternoon is spent at the computer working on my latest book or researching for it. I am also doing the research for another Bride book so that will often take up some time too.

On a Tuesday or Thursday, a non shelter day, I get as much work done as possible in my office. That might include creating a presentation for the Airdrie Public Library writers group that I do a series of workshops for over the winter, scouring the internet for information on my latest project or for obscure books that I want to acquire for research purposes. The day is broken up by walking dogs or letting cats in and out. Occasionally, I actually do housework. My husband gets home anywhere between 5 and 6 so at that point I turn off the computer and start dinner. The evening may find me back at the computer if my story is percolating and won't leave me alone or I spend the evening working on my cross stitch projects. In summer the evening will often find me outside in the garden or spending time with the horses.

That's kind of it...not very exciting I'm afraid.

Til next month, stay well stay happy.

You never know what you might find at my house.


  1. Swans! Love these gorgeous pictures--and your books, too.

    1. Thanks Juliet! I'm a fan of your work too!