Sunday, February 25, 2018

In The Name of Love by A.M.Westerling

The topic for this month’s post once again has me stumped because, you guessed it, I can’t think of anything special or outrageous that was done in the name of love! I suppose there are some obvious ones, like the verandah scene in Romeo and Juliet, or the guys who propose to their girlfriends in the spot where they met, like at the ball park or on the bus. Or down on one knee at an old Irish castle. I must say, that last one is pretty romantic.

I guess when it comes right down to it, I’m rather pragmatic when it comes to romantic gestures. For our 5th wedding anniversary, my husband bought me a dozen long stemmed red roses. Apparently he’d bought them at lunch time and all the ladies in the office swooned when he opened the box to show them.  As did I, of course, when he brought them home but you know what? Roses don’t last! Bah humbug. Actually, I'll just grow my own.

For me, I appreciate the little things more. Like my sweetie getting up first in the morning to make coffee. Or taking me shopping for shoes in Las Vegas. Or driving me all across British Columbia to Fort St. James (twice!) and Barkerville (twice!) so I could research two of my novels - The Countess’ Lucky Charm and Barkerville Beginnings. Or, like right now, when he poked his head in my office door to ask me if I’d like tea. 

Or just being my best friend. The one who listens to me, who supports me in what I do, who keeps me grounded, who helped me raise two wonderful sons. That’s all the romance I need. 

A good romance is always fun to read. How about the story of Rose and Harrison in Barkerville Beginnings? Find it here at your favorite online retailer.