Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How Do I Love Thee Spring? Let Me Count The Ways by A.M.Westerling

 As you can gather from the title, I love spring. I love how the sun is warm yet the breeze is still crisp. I love the return of the songbirds and the rat a tat tat of the flickers pecking the chimneys to attract mates. I love the spring rains that wash away the last of winter. I love the fattening buds on the trees and shrubs and the springtime green of the new leaves when they unfurl. I even love the growl of the street sweepers cleaning the gravel off the streets! 

Nothing says spring like tulips. Nowadays you can buy tulips almost any month so that's like a little bit of spring spread throughout the year.

Spring is all about rebirth, regrowth and renewal and it’s my favorite season because I am a gardener. It means the long snowy sleep of winter is over and a new gardening season is upon us. I love seeing which perennials I planted the year before survived the winter and are poking up their little heads. I love having garden projects to tackle, like laying stones or reworking a perennial bed because it gets me outside in the fresh air, digging in the dirt, and using muscles I didn't even know I had. Until the next day! *wink* 

Every spring there’s something new I want to try, be it bleeding hearts in my backyard or hyacinths in my shade garden.


I love the promise of how these newly planted dahlia tubers will turn into this stunning display.

 And the promise that this:

Will turn into this.

But most of all, I love that spring is followed by summer. I live in the Great White North so it means a good stretch of decent weather! 

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  1. I love your enthusiasm for gardening and then seeing the results in the lovely pictures you post.

    1. Thanks Victoria although I do have a confession to make - my enthusiasm tends to wane as the season goes on. By September I'm ready to call it quits on another gardening season and turn my focus indoors. Which probably makes me the perfect Canadian gardener. :)

  2. Laying here with the window wide open enjoying morning coffee and reading your Spring post. Finally. It’s here. Love your regular garden updates.

    1. I know, finally we have spring. It's been the longest coldest snowiest winter in quite some time! I've been outside already cleaning up beds and it's been great. :)