Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spring in Seattle by Katherine Pym

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Driving in the Rain

Living in the Seattle area has its challenges. There is a lot of water, with lakes, the Puget Sound, and mountains clogging the landscape. Then there's gray skies and the rain. 

My son once said summer doesn't come around in the Northwest until July 4th. There's a lot of truth in that.

Rain comes in various forms a person gives little heed to or stops him/her in their tracks. “How’s the weather?” one will ask. “It’s spitting outside,” someone will answer. Or it’s a heavy mist where you pop your hoodie onto your head, or a fine mist where you don’t think of your hoodie. It doesn’t thunderstorm much, here. 

Goin' outside in the rain
Last winter/spring was rough and cold with almost 50 inches of rain from October to April. Furry moss covered everything. Mold streaked our car doors. This year hasn't been much better. The temps hardly move out of the 40's (4-10 Celsius). It makes for beautiful flowers, but you really can't enjoy them with the rain constantly pelting.

In the 50’s (12'ish Celsius) and the sun is out, people emerge pale and wilted from their houses. We take deep breaths and turn our faces toward the sun. We yank out shorts from the bottom of the drawers. We wear socks and sandals. We dig out our short sleeved shirts and despite the cool breezes, plunge into the bright but decidedly chilly air. 

The sun is out. Shorts are on, despite the cold temps.

In the 60's (18'ish Celsius) it’s time for me to fling open the doors and windows, sit outside in the sun and enjoy the Northwest beauty. I sit on a chair on the patio with a cup of tea and breathe in the fresh pine. I admire the blooming rhoddies, the peonies, watch the hydrangea burst into bloom. I listen to gentle robin song or wonder what the raucous crows are arguing about. 

Yes, after a hard winter as we’re still experiencing, this is what I enjoy the most about spring in the Northwest.
Flowering hydrangea

Many thanks to Wikicomons, public domain.


  1. Lovely post. My husband had to go to Washington State often to inspect a naval site. He said all it did was rain.

  2. Having grown up in England I get what you are saying about the types of rain! I never thought I'd miss it - but I do. I never had to worry about dry skin or using moisturizers but close to the prairies weather can be desiccating.