Saturday, November 3, 2018

Christmas Sale!

Announcing a price special on the Canadian Historical Brides Collection in time for the Christmas Holidays 2018

All 12 books in the Collection will be available for $100.00 (print) and $30.00 (eBook)
(Regular price on print is $16.95 to $19.99) and ebook are $4.99 each, so this is an opportunity to anyone who wants the entire Canada Collection to get them all for themselves and to give as gifts.

Click on the image to learn more.

In 2017 and 2018, Canadian publisher BWL Publishing Inc. released the Canadian Historical Brides Collection. The Collection featured one book for every province and territory in Canada, each written by a different Canadian author, or in some cases a Canadian author in collaboration with an international historical fiction author. Criteria for the content stipulates the story must be historically correct and must include a bride.
Each book in the Collection features a historical event or location as well as the story of a bride and groom, representative of the men and women who came to Canada in search of a new life and new freedoms. These books combine fact and fiction to show how these brides and grooms, all from diverse backgrounds, joined in marriage to create new lives and build a great country.

The Collection:

Titles in the series:

Brides of Banff Springs by Victoria Chatham ~ Alberta
His Brother's Bride by Nancy M Bell ~ Ontario
Romancing the Klondike by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey ~ Yukon
Barkerville Beginnings by A.M. Westerling ~ British Columbia
Pillars of Avalon by Katherine Pym and Judith Pittman ~ Newfoundland
Fields of Gold Beneath Prairie Skies by Suzanne de Montigny ~ Saskatchewan
Fly Away Snow Goose (Nits’it’ah Golika Xah) by Juliet Waldron and John Wisdomkeeper – Northwest Territories/Inuvik
On a Stormy Primeval Shore by Diane Scott Lewis and Nancy M. Bell – New Brunswick
The Left Behind Bride by Mahrie Reid – Nova Soctia
Envy the Wind by Anita Davison and Victoria Chatham – Prince Edward Island
Where the River Narrows by Kathy Fischer-Brown and Geneviève Montcombroux - Quebec

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