Monday, September 25, 2017

I'd Like to Thank (Drum roll please) A.M.Westerling

I think we can all agree writing is a lonely occupation. Unless you have the luxury of an assistant you can dictate to, it’s all up to you, your keyboard and the characters in your head clamoring for their stories to be told. That’s how we all start, toiling away in secret until the day you finally screw up your courage and tell someone your passion to be a writer. Assuming the person you told isn’t rolling on the floor laughing their head off, there begins your support group.

For me, it was my family. They didn’t really understand why I would want to spend my evenings writing after a full day at work but they respected my desire and gave me the time to do it. I have two sons who shrugged and rolled their eyes a bit but they did impress the girls in their circle by divulging that their mother was a romance author. It must have worked because they both have sweeties now! Of course my husband is my number one supporter but not in the way you think – he’s not a reader and hasn’t read a single word I’ve written. Nope, he’s more interested in helping me with the marketing and research aspect. For example, this past summer, he drove me to Fernie, Cranbrook and Fort Steele in SE British Columbia so I could drop off in person copies of my latest book, Barkerville Beginnings, and information about the Canadian Historical Brides Collection. He’s driven me to Barkerville ( although that was before I knew I would write Barkerville Beginnings ). 

Here are a couple of pictures from our most recent trip to Barkerville.  That's me (left) standing on Main Street

He's also driven me to Fort St. James so I could do research for The Countess' Lucky Charm.

Here I am with my youngest son. The fort is situated on the shores of beautiful Stuart Lake in north central B.C.

Of course I have to thank my friends, particularly the Kananaskis girls, who believed in me, read my early attempts and encouraged me, came to my book signings so I wouldn't be sitting alone and brought champagne to our getaway weekends so we could celebrate in style!

Thank you also to Judith Pittman, for her faith in my ability and for all the great things she does for the authors at BWL Publishing.

However, my biggest thanks go to the Calgary Association of the Romance Writers of America. I can’t begin to say enough wonderful things about this group, their support, their enthusiasm, their understanding, their willingness to share their knowledge about this wacky business that is publishing. It’s a professional organization and gives validation to what I’m doing. I've made lifelong friends and hooked up with my dear critique partners. I attend workshops, monthly meetings and conferences learning about the craft and business of writing with people with the same mindset that I have. They get it. They get why I write. 

 You can find Barkerville Beginnings and the rest of my books on the BWL Publishing website.


  1. Lovely thanks bouquets, A.M.! Looking forward to your book...this is a great series!

    1. I hope you enjoy Barkerville Beginnings! It's quite a thrill to be part of the Canadian Historical Brides. :)

  2. I truly enjoyed Barkerville Beginnings, which is no surprise :-) I love all your books.