Thursday, September 21, 2017

My Support by Katherine Pym

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My best, and most recent support is Jude Pittman, my partner in the Canadian Bride Series. She told me how good the chapters of Pillars of Avalon were, with its in depth historical research and finished chapters that she edited. For this I will be eternally grateful, because...

Few of my friends enjoy novels of 17thcentury London. My family says: Hey Kath/Mom, that’s great you have another book out, but I won’t read it. I can’t get past seeing you while I read or hear your voice. 

My sons would definitely hear my voice if they read Erasmus T Muddiman, whose exploits came from them. I’ve often wondered how they reached adulthood considering some of the stunts they pulled. They crawled up the side of the house and jumped off the roof or Tarzaned from the house to the garage. They swung off trees and chased avalanches while skiing. One of my critique partners said her sons weren’t anything like mine, which made me wonder. I thought most boys did crazy things when teenagers. 

My dear husband leaves me alone for hours at a time, and eventually beta-reads my chapters, 5-10 of them at a time. He lets me know if anything doesn’t make sense. 

I dedicate my stories to people but I don’t know if they read them. When I tell them of the dedication, their eyes widen and they say: “Gee, thanks.”  

In the end, I am my most ardent supporter. I constantly think how the plot should progress, have my heroine or hero jump through hoops to keep the narrative moving. I don’t allow them to fight or be too cruel. I must like them, and the story. The ending must agree with my sensibilities. 

After all, besides my critique partners who don’t always read every chapter, I’m the only one who must truly enjoy my story. 

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  1. I love your books. You have a unique voice.

  2. My eldest son has recently started reading my books, my daughter never will. My youngest son posts on his FB whenever I have a book release so I have to thank him for that. Loved Pillars of Avalon and learnt more than I expected.

  3. I understand all too well, as my kids don't read my books either. But that's OK. They survived their childhood and grew up despite my being immersed in an other century :-)

  4. My oldest boy (GA based engineer) was the one bent upon self-destruction--but in the search for knowledge. He was five when I caught him sticking a bobby pin into the wall sockets because "There's electricity in there, and I want to play with it." Not to mention the explosion of a box of fireworks in the backroom incident, which almost set the house aflame... Maybe that's why I liked Muddiman so much. :)

  5. Looks like I wasn't the only one who wonders how my boys reached adulthood. Great stories, now that they are grown, right?