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Fly Away Snow Goose, Canadian Historical Brides series (Book ) by Juliet Waldron

Bio: I was a lonely only child who found companionship in books, particularly in reading history. People from the past hung out with me and several of these old friends have been the inspiration for my writing. Some of these "ghosts" have been in my life for 60+ years now. Mozart's Wife, Roan Rose and A Master Passion are stories I'd imagined (and re-imagined) over the course of many long years.

Blurb: They live in a vanishing Eden, their spirits close to the land and the animals upon which they rely. Captured by another tribe--
kwet'ı̨ı̨̀ (Stone House People/Whites)--two teens are placed in a residential school patently designed to "kill the Indian inside," by taking away their language and belittling their culture. Yaotl and Sascho arrive as sweetearts; in order to survive as whole beings, they absolutely must escape.    

Story Arc: Fly Away Snow Goose

Storytelling, at least to this writer, is a kind of trance journey on which I hope to take my reader. The way may wander through beauty or ugliness--much like life.

My characters were born into a tribe for whom long on foot journeys were a way of life. The early 1950's in the subarctic, where Fly Away Snow Goose begins, is a land where many Tlicho still live more or less as their ancestors have for 10,000 years, following the seasonal migration of caribou. 

This is a captivity-and-escape story--the mirror image of the ones where white children are carried off by "Indians." Here, 1st Nation's children are carried into European captivity when they are placed--as the law of the land required--in a residential school. After a daring escape, their own courage, love, endurance and their own wild knowledge will have to take them home.

These travelers create an ad hoc family. Their quest is not after new things, but after the old, as they seek to reconnect with their tribe. They carry with them not only new knowledge but a lot of pain after their encounter with the "stone house people."  In the spring, like the Snow Geese, they must go North.

~~Juliet Waldron

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