Sunday, September 3, 2017

I’m very excited to blog about the Canadian Historical Bride series published by BWL in honour of  Canada’s 150th anniversary. My novel, Fields of Gold Beneath Prairie Skies is coming out on Sept. 19th. Can’t wait. So to promote the Canadian Historical Bride series, I’ve asked the various authors to give one of their other novels for free! And to start out, here’s mine:

Today, I’m interviewing Katherine Pym, co-author of Pillars of Avalon, book 5 of the CHB series. Hey, Katherine, how’s it going?

Great, thanks.

So tell us about your Canadian Historical Bride novel. I’m reading it right now and I have to say I’m really impressed with the realistic language you use from that era. I feel as though I’ve gone back in time.

The language comes from reading so much of the era, so it attaches naturally to my thought processes as I write.

Now, to tell you of Pillars of Avalon, a story that covers several decades and centers on the early colonization of Newfoundland: King Charles I gives David Kirke a letter of marque, allowing him the freedom to pillage any French ports in New France (now Quebec). He is successful but after King Louis XIV cries foul, King Charles reneges and forces David to return everything he’d fought for, even furs he’d negotiated on his own.

He marries Sara Andrews whom he’s known most of his life and refers to her as ‘Twig’, since she’s so slight. They are each other’s match and support each other during their marriage. David gives Sara free reign to run portions of their companies which she does very well. I had to make her a strong woman because Lady Sara Kirke is considered the foremost North American Female Entrepreneur, and there is an award given each year in her name. 

How did you come up with this idea?

I discovered David and Sara Kirke one day while searching for information on events of the 17th century. You see, my expertise is London 1660’s, which I’ll admit is pretty narrow, but due to the heavy tomes I borrow or purchase, a lot of history expands to both sides of the 1660’s. During the research phase, and again during the writing of Pillars, I found some amazing books published in the 17th century that helped me with the colonial days of Newfoundland.

I love Newfoundland. I had an ancestor land there only to move to Quebec later on. So what’s the link to buy it?

And what’s the book you’re giving for free? 

Erasmus T. Muddiman, a story of a lad who is caught up in the buildup of the 2nd Anglo/Dutch war. He’s press-ganged to caulk new and used ships at Deptford. After he escapes, he finds London embroiled in the great plague of 1665. 

Great! Thanks! I better go and check this out. Nothing more fascinating than the Bubonic plague!!!


  1. Just started reading Pillars of Avalon and I'm hooked. I will add that Erasmus is a very entertaining and well-written book.

  2. Susan-- :) and Catherine
    writers after my own heart!