Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Greetings from Randall Sawka and wife Nancy

(High praise from an Amazon reviewer for "Raining Trouble", he says "Louis L'Amour would love it").  Available now.

We have put off visiting the nearby "Puzzlewood" area in the Forest of Dean. That is solved today. Sunny and fairly warm, so off we go.

My writing routine fell in to place nicely as the wet weather set in. I popped in to town early and wrote for hours. Dear Nancy joined me at noon for lunch (see above).

We move on to Bristol for five days over Christmas, Bournemouth for the following eight days, then settle in to Weymouth for two months. It will be quite different from the trees and animals of Ross. We are one block from the sea and long walkways in both directions. Interesting sites abound there.

Looking foreword to it.
Please have a great Christmas and New Years.
Randall and Nancy

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  1. The Forest of Dean is lovely - I spent a week at a writer's retreat near Blakeney a few years ago and visited Weymouth several times during the summers as the beach was so safe for kids and what can I say about Bristol? After all, I was born there. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.