Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Casting Characters by Nancy M Bell

His Brother's Bride click here to learn more.

Who would I cast to play my characters...hmmmm good question. I have honestly never connected my characters to any actor or actress. I think it would be far too easy to let the characteristics associated with a particular actor take over my character in the novel. I'm not sure the reactions and actions would be true to my character or coloured with the traits of the real life actor.

That being said: Here's go at it

For His Brother's Bride Lord, I don't know! This one is very roughly based on my grandparent's story and I'm having a hard time finding actors who suit them. I don't need anyone too pretty and delicate. It's getting hard to find good character actors anymore.

Okay, I'm digressing because I'm coming up with a blank here. Okay back to the task at hand.

His Brother's Bride

For Annie Baldwin Amanda Plummer

For George Gary Oldman

For Peter Eddie Redmayne

None of these really look like what I pictured when I was writing the story but they were the closest I can find. I guess it would help if I watched more movies? My grandfather was a lot like Leonard from The Big Bang Theory so maybe Johnny Galecki might be a better choice for Peter.

Sorry faithful readers, that's the best I can do with this one. Until next month, stay well, stay happy and keep reading!

Just for fun, this is a picture of my grandparents, my uncle and that's my mother , the little one on the floor. This was taken outside Sprucedale Ontario near Doe Lake on my grandparents farm. My great grandfather Capel Baldwin St. George owned the land just across the lane from them. Photo was taken by Aunt Lottie (Charlotte Hines nee St. George