Thursday, August 17, 2017

Movie Rights! Who would play my characters, by Diane Scott Lewis

Who would play my characters if the lucky chance came and my book, On a Stormy Primeval Shore, was made into a movie? My aunt says all my books would make wonderful PBS shows, but then she might be slightly prejudiced.

My novel involves an Englishwoman to travels to the remote colony of New Brunswick in 1784 to marry a man her soldier father has chosen. Repulsed by the officer, she refuses to marry him. Then she meets a handsome Acadian trader.

For my cast, I'll start with actors from the TV series Turn, which takes place during the American Revolution, which happened directly before the time-period of my novel.

Australian actor, Daniel Henshall, if he could speak in a French accent, would make  a credible Gilbert.

Or maybe I'd choose the French-Canadian actor, François Arnaud.

Burn Gorman, born in California, but brought up in London, would be perfect as Amelia's English father, Captain Latimer.

Meegan Warner studied acting in Australia, but I could not find her nationality. She would play Englishwoman Amelia.

For Gilbert's mother, the indomitable Marie-Cateline, I must look elsewhere. I had a difficult time homing in on actresses over forty, no big surprise, but I chose this French-Canadian actress, born in Quebec, as Marie-Cateline. They could 'make' her look older with cosmetics. I thought she had the right look: Emmanuelle Chriqui.

I learned later that she's forty-two. Perfect! I'd like to know her skin-care regime

Finally, for the feisty English maid, Louise, I'd pick the teenaged British actress, Georgie Henley (if she'd dye her hair blonde):

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  1. I like your choices. Daniel Henshall is a fine actor. Hard to find good meaty roles for actresses after their mid-forties sadly. Meegan Warner is an Aussie.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Maggi. Older actresses get little respect and opportunities.