Thursday, August 3, 2017

Who Would I Pick For A Role In My Movie? by Victoria Chatham


I’ve found this month’s blog something of a challenge. While I love movies and go regularly, I tend to not pay too much attention to the actors. I like to get lost in the story and the visuals so this topic really made me think.

One aspect of trying to cast an actor for a role in Brides of Banff Springs was that I couldn’t see headliners like Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Reynolds, Meghan Fox or Rachel Weitz in the roles of Ryan Blake and Tilly McCormack. Instead, I checked out the actors in my current favorite TV series When Calls the Heart, on CBC, and the Miss Fisher’s Mystery series on Netflix.
Daniel Lissing as Ryan Blake

Erica Carroll as Tilly McCormack
For those of you not familiar with either, the former series is from the book by Janette Oke. Set in Western Canada, circa 1910, it was developed for the Hallmark Channel by Michael Landon Jnr., which seems appropriate given his father's long association with the similar series, Little House on the Prairie.

In When Calls the Heart, Elizabeth Thatcher escapes her high-society Hamilton, Ontario, family to teach school in the remote coal mining town of Hope Valley. Here Elizabeth meets Mountie Jack Thornton played by Australian actor Daniel Lissing. Hmm. Who doesn’t love a Mountie? It’s another actor from this series, Irish-born Canadian Erica Carroll that I’d cast in the role of Tilly McCormack.

Ashleigh Cummings as Fliss

The Miss Fisher series is from the books by Australian author Kerry Greenwood, each of them a cracking good read. Miss Phryne Fisher, played by the excellent Essie Davies as the flamboyant female sleuth, is set in Melbourne, Australia, in the 1920s. It’s Phryne’s maid and co-sleuth, Dorothy, who caught my eye and I could see actress Ashleigh Cummings in the role of Fliss, Tilly’s friend at the Banff Springs Hotel.

For the imaginary movie of Brides of Banff Springs the hotel, of course, would play itself.

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  1. Daniel Lissing is Australian???? I would have never known because his accent is perfect. I find many actors slip, like in Downton Abbey, the American mother oftentimes slipped with the accent and dipthonged. Anyway, I love When Calls the Heart too. Not surprised it Michael Landon's son. So Little House on the Prairie. Personally, I find it very refreshing to have a straight forward story without all the sex.

  2. This is so much fun! I like your choices, too.

  3. When I started out I used Sean Connery as my hero (in my head) as at the time I loved him as James Bond. But then it was Pierce Brosnan's time to take over. Now strangely enough I rarely pick a movie star. I had no idea Daniel Lissing was an Aussie either. Great choice of characters.