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Who would play my characters in a movie?

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This month at the Canadian Historical Brides blog, we are faced with the question, Who would play our characters in a movie version of our books? Not to jump the gun, ’cuz Where the Rivers Narrows is barely half-finished. But this is a fun exercise, so here goes.

My first impulse is to say that, if I were lucky enough to have a production company interested in making a film or a mini-series, I would be ecstatic (to say the least) but the last person to have a say in who would be cast. I would, however, supply the producers with a list of ualities—physical and emotional—to assist the casting director in choosing the right actors for the roles. So, if anyone has ideas as to whmo would be a good match for these characters, I’d love to hear your suggestions. I’m totally at a loss :-(

Elisabeth Van Alen (Beth)—A young women, 19-years old, slender but sturdy from hard work. Although she is from a well-to-do family, the Van Alens have fallen on hard times and she’s taken to the running of the house when her mother abdicates her responsibilities. Her dark hair and gray eyes set her apart from other members of the family, who are fair with blue or gray eyes. She will age five years over the course of the story. Beth is not physically beautiful, but has an inner beauty.

Geritt Bosch—From his Mohawk grandmother he’s inherited black hair; from his Dutch grandfather sapphire blue eyes. He’s tall with an athletic build, and is knock-em dead handsome. At the start of the story, he’s 24.

Samuel Van Alen (Sam)—Elisabeth’s 21-year old brother  is fair and of a stout build and prone to being over-weight if he were to let himself go. He’s a charmer with a magnetic smile and a propensity for imbibing secretly of gin.

Esther Freeman (Essie)—Around 38-years old, she’s a long-time family servant and freed slave. Tall and willowy with a regal posture and down-to-earth view on life, she’s loyal to a fault.

Abel Freeman—Essie’s husband. A jack-of-all-trades, and manager of the Van Alen lands and tenants. Of average height, close-cropped graying hair and fine hands.

Cornelis Van Alen—He’s what Sam would become in middle age, of a stout build with some heft around the middle, graying hair and kind blue eyes.

Catherine Van Alen—A withered woman worn down by personal hardship and tragedy, she seeks escape and relief through laudanum. Once beautiful, she’s let herself fall prey to her inner sadness.

Willem Van Alen (Will)—Elisabeth’s twelve-year old tow-headed brother is in many ways a miniature version of his brother Sam. By the end of the book, he will be seventeen.

Sarah Van Alen—Five-year old sister and youngest of the Van Alen children. Fair, blue eyes.

Tobias Freeman—Thirteen-year old son of Essie and Abel, constant companion of Will, with a studious look from the spectacles he wears. Tall and rangy, he resembles his mother.


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